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AI- 11585   32.    
Broward County Commission Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 06/26/2012  
Director's Name: Chris Walton
Department: Transportation Division: Transit

Requested Action
MOTION TO APPROVE Third Amendment to  the Agreement between Broward County and the City of Fort Lauderdale Community Bus Service Financial Assistance Only; providing operating assistance of $15 per revenue service hour for an estimated pro-rated cost of $23,004 for the remainder of FY2012, for additional service on three community bus routes; authorizing the Mayor and Clerk to execute same. The term of this amendment is effective from the date of execution through September 30, 2012, and may  be extended for up to two additional one-year periods upon written approval of the Contract Administrator.  (Commission Districts 4, 7, and 9)

ACTION: (T-10:20 AM) Approved.

VOTE: 9-0.
Why Action is Necessary
Board of County Commissioners (Board) approval is required to enter into local agreements, which are authorized pursuant to Florida Statutes 125.01 and 163.01.
What Action Accomplishes
Amends the agreement between Broward County and the City of Fort Lauderdale for Community Bus Service to provide additional operational assistance for the Las Olas, Convention Connection and Galt Mile routes.
Is this Action Goal Related
Previous Action Taken
Summary Explanation/ Background


This item supports the Board’s Vision and Goals for an "Efficient and Accessible Regional Intermodal Transportation Network."

The Broward County Transportation Department is requesting Board approval of the Third Amendment to the Agreement between Broward County and the City of Fort Lauderdale for Community Bus Service Financial Assistance Only. Through this proposed amendment, the County will provide operational assistance of $15 per revenue hour in the estimated pro-rated amount of $23,004 for the remainder of FY 2012 (estimated annual cost of $92,109) for additional community bus service on three routes.   Additional service includes: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday service for the Las Olas and Convention Connection Routes, and Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday service for the Galt Ocean Mile Route.

As background, the City of Fort Lauderdale  has been partnering with the County for community bus routes since March of 1998.  At its August 25, 2009 meeting, item 15, the Board approved four standard form interlocal agreements (ILAs) between Broward County and various municipalities for Community Bus Transportation Services and authorized the County Administrator to execute agreements with the Cities subject to Board approved budgetary funding levels for Fiscal Year 2010. The four form ILAs represented the various community bus partnership agreement scenarios. They included: an option to provide County-owned bus(es) and operational funding of $15 per revenue hour of bus service (reduced from $20 per hour provided in previous fiscal years); an option for the County to provide financial contribution in the amount of $13,295.20 per vehicle annually as capital contribution to be used by the municipalities solely for the purpose of leasing privately-owned wheelchair-accessible passenger vehicles for community bus service operation and operational funding of $15 per revenue hour of bus service; an option to provide County-owned bus(es) only ("lease only"); and an option to provide operational funding only of $15 per revenue hour of bus service ("financial assistance only") for those cities who will be using their own buses.

As a result of various municipal budgetary cutbacks in service, several Community Bus partner cities have either reduced their operating hours and levels of community bus service or eliminated their bus service altogether resulting in budgetary surpluses in the Community Bus program.  Staff developed criteria for redistributing those remaining funds to assist other cities that might be interested and on January 20, 2012, BCT sent a letter and application to all of the municipalities in Broward County encouraging them to apply to participate in the Community Bus Service program (Exhibit 2). The City of Fort Lauderdale was one of four cities who requested additional funding for Community Bus Service. Staff determined through the competitive process and available funds that the City would be eligible for operational assistance for their request for additional service on the Las Olas, Galt Ocean Mile, and Convention Connection routes.

This Third Amendment provides funding assistance for five (5) days of community bus funding for operating two buses eight (8) hours daily for the Galt Ocean Mile Community Bus Route;  one additional bus four (4) days per week at nine (9) hours of service for the Convention Connection Route;  and 48 additional minutes of daily service hours at four (4) days per week for the Las Olas Route.   The cost for these additional services are estimated in the pro-rated amount of $23,004 for the remainder of FY 2012 (estimated annual cost of $92,109.)

Broward County Transit's (BCT) Community Bus Service partnerships allow BCT buses to serve as a regional bus network, operating cross-county on major thoroughfares, while the cities' wheelchair accessible mini-buses circulate in city neighborhoods and connect/ intersect with BCT's fixed-route buses and other community bus systems.

To date, the County has separate agreements with 18 cities to provide Community Bus Service throughout Broward County. The County either provides buses (or the capital cost of Contracting for a wheelchair-accessible vehicle in the amount of $13,295.20 per vehicle annually) and/or funding of $15.00 per revenue hour of service to each participating city. In addition to the capital and operating assistance, the County provides technical staff support and assistance (including training, scheduling, printing of bus route timetables, bus stop signs, etc.).  In FY11, the County's Community Bus Service provided 2,336,339 passenger trips, which was a 12.1% increase over FY10.

Fiscal Impact
Fiscal Impact/Cost Summary:
The estimated pro-rated operating expense for this amendment is $23,004 for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2012 ($92,109 annually). These funds are budgeted in the Transportation's Operating Fund 0045-035-8170-8100.
Exhibit 1 - Agreement Summary
Exhibit 2 - Community Bus Service Application package
Exhibit 3 - Third Amendment

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