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AI- 4980   20.    
Broward County Commission Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 03/02/2010  
Director's Name: Ken Keechl and Sue Gunzburger
Department: County Commission  

Requested Action
MOTION TO ADOPT Resolution supporting legislative efforts to extend Life Safety Retrofit Relief to Community Associations. (Mayor Keechl and Vice Mayor Gunzburger)

ACTION:  (T-10:19 AM)  The Board deferred this item until Tuesday, March 9, 2010.  The Board asked the County Attorney's Office to make amendments to the Resolution and bring it back to the Board.  (Refer to minutes for full discussion.

VOTE:  8-0.  Commissioner Ritter was not present.  Commissioner Jones appeared telephonically.
Why Action is Necessary
Board approval is required to pass a Resolution.
What Action Accomplishes
Is this Action Goal Related
Previous Action Taken
Summary Explanation/ Background
There are approximately 57,000 mandatory community associations in the State of Florida. Florida currently leads the country in terms of residential foreclosure filings and devaluation of property values. The Florida Legislature has twice before unanimously passed legislation to extend retrofit relief to millions of impacted Floridians and twice before such legislation has been vetoed. There are currently two bills pending, HB 561 and SB 1222, that will allow a community’s membership the right of self determination with regard to whether or not their premises should be subject to certain retrofit requirements. The Board of Broward County Commissioners understands the economic impact that will ensue unless relief is not forthcoming and finally passed during the 2010 regular Legislative Session. Therefore, the Broward County Board of Commissioners urges Governor Charlie Crist to adhere to the will of the Florida Legislature and the millions of impacted Floridians and allow HB 561 and SB 1222 (as same may be amended or renumbered) to pass safely into law.

Fiscal Impact
Fiscal Impact/Cost Summary:
Exhibit 1 - Resolution
Additional Material - Fiscal Impact

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