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AI- 13007   8.    
Broward County Commission Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 01/08/2013  
Director's Name: Edward Labrador
Department: Intergovernmental Affairs & Prof St Division: Intergovernmental Affairs Division

Requested Action
MOTION TO APPROVE Broward County's 2013 State Legislative Program.

(This item was pulled by Commissioner Wexler.)

ACTION: (T-2:45 PM) Approved. (Scrivener's Error - See County Administrator's Report:  Notification has been received from the Supervisor of Elections Office that Dr. Snipes has decided not to pursue the municipal election certification  local bill this year.  Based on this decision, the substitute language proposed in the Monday Night Memo is now unnecessary.  Also the "Municipal Qualifying Dates" statement on page 29 of Exhibit 1 will be removed.)  (Refer to minutes for full discussion.) 

VOTE: 8-1.  Commissioner LaMarca voted no.
Why Action is Necessary

The Board approves the legislative priorities, proposals and policies to be advocated before the Legislative and Executive Branches of state government through adoption of the County's annual state legislative program.

What Action Accomplishes
This item provides legislative direction to the County's staff and contract lobbying team for 2013 state legislative activities. 
Is this Action Goal Related
Previous Action Taken
Summary Explanation/ Background

The Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and Professional Standards (OIAPS) is charged with developing and advocating the Board's state legislative priorities and policies as contained in the state legislative program.  OIAPS works with the County's Administration, its various departments and offices to identify potential legislative issues and projects, and with each Commission office to identify each Commissioner's priority for the upcoming legislative session, if any.  

Exhibit 1 represents the County's proposed 2013 State Legislative Program for the upcoming Regular Session in March.  The proposed program has been modified to include the changes requested at the Commission/Staff Workshop held on December 4, 2012, including all proposals in the additional items handout, adding statements opposing legislation that would preempt the County's efforts to locally address wage recovery and supporting an increase in early voting days, and deletion of the absentee ballot log proposal.  Since the workshop, the following statements have been proposed for addition to the program:
  1. A local bill statement relating to municipal qualifying dates submitted by the Supervisor of Elections Office - see page 29; and
  2. A statement relating to trauma care center designation, by OIAPS in consultation with the Office of Medical Examiner and Trauma Services, to address the Florida Department of Health's recent decision to undertake rule development that is expected to ease standards on designating trauma centers - see page 22. 

Fiscal Impact
Fiscal Impact/Cost Summary:
There is no fiscal impact associated with this action.
Exhibit 1 - 2013 State Legislative Program

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