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AI- 15491   47.    
Broward County Commission Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 11/12/2013  
Director's Name: Chip LaMarca
Department: County Commission  

Requested Action
MOTION TO DISCUSS Creating a pilot program providing Veterans that meet income-level eligibility criteria a free 30 day bus pass renewable on a month to month basis for a period of no more than six months. (Commissioner LaMarca)

ACTION: (T-10:32 AM) Approved. (Commissioners Kiar and Holness requested to be added as co-sponsors to this item.) (Refer to minutes for full discussion.)

VOTE: 9-0. Commissioner Kiar voted in the affirmative telephonically.
Why Action is Necessary
Currently there are 184 Veterans enrolled in Elderly and Veteran Services that fall below the $26,000 income guideline that have no alternative means of transportation.
What Action Accomplishes
Creates a Veteran Enabled Transportation Pass (V.E.T. Pass) pilot program to capture data on usage and need.
Is this Action Goal Related
Previous Action Taken
Summary Explanation/ Background
United Way and Elderly and Veteran Services Department currently screen Veterans for programs and services in the community. Lack of public transportation options create barriers to Veterans seeking employment, medical services, and the ability to reintegrate successfully into our community.

Fiscal Impact
Fiscal Impact/Cost Summary:
The County currently charges $29 per month for bus passes for seniors and the disabled and $58 per month for a regular adult monthly pass. The County’s Elderly and Veteran’s Services Division indicates that 184 of their clients met the income qualifications based on their experience over the last six months. The cost of the pilot program would range from $32,000 to $64,000 based on 184 veterans depending on the proportion of veterans that qualify for the reduced fare.
Exhibit 1 - Fiscal Impact OMB Memorandum

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